Coffee in Warwick

We drove 12 miles to get a coffee today. Ok, we had a bit of a wander as well, had a coffee and then drove home. It just felt good to meander without having anywhere specific to go.

The park in Warwick was pretty busy with families out in force. We headed instead for the town centre. It was quiet but places are gradually opening. There are businesses of course that will probably never open again and that’s really sad. It’s a balance as to how quickly we can safely go back to ‘normal’ if indeed we ever do. In the meantime, we’re trying to support local businesses wherever we can.

1 thought on “Coffee in Warwick”

  1. I agree it’s incredibly sad that many businesses will not reopen. In our quaint little town in Wisconsin, our main street has 3 coffee shops and they all stayed open (so far) that is, but it was a lot of work to just float on takeout service only. I adore the photos you took from the coffee shop!

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