Second-hand Style Challenge: The White Polo

Encouraged my first attempt at buying secondhand clothes for a more sustainable approach to my wardrobe, I set out on my next challenge.

This time I wanted to find a white polo shirt. I’ve noticed that polo shirts in particular seemed to age quickly, particularly around the collars. My current white polo had definitely seen better days. I wondered if I could find something a bit better quality from the secondhand market.

After a bit of research I settled on Sunspel, the British heritage brand who manufacture (so I’m told) one of the best plain white t-shirts a man could hope to wear. It was their Riviera polo shirt, however, that I was interested in:

The Riviera Polo Shirt is the essence of James Bond style. Originally tailored for Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, this polo is made from a lightweight cotton mesh that is not only breathable but extremely soft. Cut for a slim fit and finished with matching buttons and a chest pocket. A modern classic.


Ok, so if it was good enough for Daniel Craig then I was all in (not that I’m a sucker for celebrity endorsement!). At £90 however it wouldn’t be an insignificant investment.

Could, however, I find a white Riviera on the secondhand market? Depop drew a blank but after some careful searching on eBay I found a white Riviera size medium. Result! Not only would I be consciously making a positive difference to the planet by reusing an existing garment, it was less than half the price of a brand new shirt.

After a few days the Riviera turned up. Ok, fair enough; Daniel Craig wore it slightly better! But look, it’s in great shape and due to it’s quality of manufacture will probably last me many years; at least a lot longer if I’d purchased one from the high-street.

I’m on a roll now with this secondhand shopping! Something that I never expected to be doing when I set out on this sustainable clothing journey.

Right then. I now have a list of items that I’m searching ebay for…

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