50 Sustainable Menswear Labels: Knowledge Cotton

One of the early sustainable menswear brands I discovered was Knowledge Cotton, a Scandinavian company that clearly positions sustainability as its core purpose.

Knowledge Cotton was borne from a business started fifty years ago (nice link ;-). In their story they explain how having originally been loners in the pursuit of sustainable and socially responsible fashion, they’ve watched the rest of the industry slowly catch up in pursuit of the same values and goals.

Nice brand story; so what do they actually do differently? Here are some things I picked up while reading through their site:

  • All our garments are produced by certified manufacturing partners using sustainable methods and materials
  • (we) place high demands on our partners in terms of fair working conditions, organically approved fabrics, use of chemicals, and traceable recycling processes.
  • Certified Carbon Neutral, GOTS, GRS ,OCS, supply chain standards including SA8000, BSCI and Fair (personally I like certifications, they at least allow me to make some kind of factual buying decision)
  • Materials – organic cotton (consumes 91% less water), recycled polyester (using recycled drinks bottles), linen, organic/recycled wool, tencel (made from wood pulp), recycled nylon. 95% of products are vegan approved.
  • Denim is 98% GOTS organic cotton and 2% lycra.
  • Recycled drinks bottles used for waterproof/windproof garments
Knowledge Cotton grey sweatshirt
Menswear staple! Knowledge Cotton Grey Organic Cotton Sweatshirt

The sustainability section of their site is comprehensive and clear. Good stuff! So what about the clothes?

It’s a pretty big range including blazers, knits, shirts, tee’s, chinos, denim, shorts and accessories. I particularly like this Selvedge denim jacket, these rib-stop trousers and this flannel overshirt.

Overall a very cool brand. They’re definitely on my list to check out as and when I’m considering getting something new. You can get Knowledge Cotton through a variety of UK online stores.

“We want to present an authentic alternative – quality clothing for a sustainable lifestyle.”

Knowledge Cotton Apparel

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